Hey Folks,

Welcome to the Stealth Squadron Aviation Trivia Contest!

The winner for April is John T. of Massachusetts who got 10 out of 10 questions correct!

Check your answers against those below and see how many you got correct!

April's Answers

​1.  What company made the "Spirit Of St. Louis"?  Ryan

2.  Who designed the Hawker Hart?  Sydney Camm

3.  How many engines did the Dornier Do X have?  12!

4.  How many wings did the Caproni Ca 60 have?  9!

5.  In 1920 why did the Dayton Wright RB Racer not race in the Gordon Bennett Cup race?  Broken control cable

suspected sabotage.

​6.  What plane was known as the "Peashooter"?  Boeing P-26A

7.  What plane won the first Victorian Centenary Air Race?  De Havilland D.H. 88 Comet

8.  What was the make and model of the aircraft that Francois Coli and Charles Nungesser attempted to cross the

     Atlantic in?  Levasseur PL 8 Oiseux Blanc

9.  What plane won the 1922 Schneider Trophy?  Supermarine Sea Lion

10. What plane was the first to be flown across the Atlantic east to west?  Junkers W33